Young People of the Year - YOPEY

YOPEY logoAt SkillsTrain we are proud to be associated with and to support the YOPEY initiative. YOPEY (pronounced yop-ee) corrects the unfairly negative image of young people today. Our mission is to reveal young unsung heroes, recognise them publicly, and to reward the very best. Our award-winners can then become positive role models (PRMs) and inspire younger generations to make better choices as they grow up.

Revealing, Recognising and Rewarding Positive Role Models

Entries come from all backgrounds and all organisations, from schools and youth organisations to charities and churches. Some enter themselves or are nominated by their families and friends. They reflect the richness of positive activities that young people are involved in today, from projects at home and abroad, through leadership and setting a good example, to caring for others... All now getting more positive publicity thanks to the excellent work undertaken by the YOPEY organisation.

If you want to know more or would like to nominate someone, please visit the YOPEY website.