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“Currently studying towards my CIW website manager, I feel that my life has a real direction towards my new career. Thanks Skillstrain” - Richard

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SkillsTrain - E-commerce

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The course is intended to serve the needs of those individuals and professionals interested in learning about the CIW Internet Certification Programme. The CIW SkillsTrain course is specifically designed to assist those who wish to design, develop and administer Internet related services. It offers a unique opportunity to learn, demonstrate and prove competence in Web-related technologies.

CIW Internet skills certification offers industry-wide recognition of an individual's Internet and Web knowledge and skills and is increasingly a factor in job placement and career assignment decision making. It provides tangible evidence of a person's competency as an Internet Professional. It will appeal to those who aspire to be Webauthors, Website managers, Webmasters, Web-designers or those who need to acquire those skills as part of their job function.

Regardless of your current level of ability, this SkillsTrain course will guide you safely through this dynamic and fascinating subject. It will enable and equip you for the "real world" demands of implementing and maintaining hypertext-based Web sites using authoring and scripting languages, creating web content, using Web management tools and digital media tools as well as equipping you with the key principles of Web design.

CIW Certification

The objective is for you to become CIW certified. CIW certifications are internationally renowned and are endorsed by the International Webmasters Association (IWA) and the Association of Internet Professionals (AIP). In Europe, in addition, they are offered in Partnership with the Internet Certification Institute International (ICII). Holders of the CIW qualification demonstrate to potential employers, or business clients, that they have passed rigorous training and examination requirements that set them apart from non-certified competitors.

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