Project Africa

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

Project Africa childWe are pleased to be part of SkillsTrain Project Africa which puts the words of Nelson Mandela into practice, making them a reality for schools and school children in South Africa. For those schools that are chosen to take part in the Project initially we will provide free Live Internet Training sessions. One of the aims of the Project is to provide Live Internet Training sessions to schools in South Africa that would not otherwise be able to benefit from this type of training, remaining in close contact with the schools, and providing free follow-up Live sessions.

School children participating in Live Internet Training

Live Internet Training

The Live Internet Training environment operates just like a conventional class, except over the Internet. Students can speak with the teacher; the teacher can use tools, such as an electronic white board, to show students concepts, and to discuss them together. Software applications can be shared by the students and the teacher in order that the teacher can show students how to operate the software, and the teacher can even watch while students carry out functions on their PCs.

SkillsTrain has now completed the Second Stage of Project Africa which commenced in November 2007 and ran through to February 2008.

For full details about the project, please visit the SkillsTrain Project Africa website.