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“The most significant accomplishment for me was my new job. After a long wait, I have moved into the IT industry. I am now working as a Technical Sales Advisor. Prior to this I was working as a part-time cleaner.” - Mohammed

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This course will benefit anyone and everyone seeking a professional level of competence and recognition within the PC industry. The successful completion of this course will see you gain an Internationally recognised qualification in addition to the accepted and respected City & Guilds standard, known throughout the UK.

The A+ examination by CompTIA is widely recognised throughout the computer industry and is a significant declaration of skill and understanding. For some it is more than sufficient to secure a career as a computer technician, for others it provides the springboard for further study for careers in computer networking, network support and the Internet.

Regardless of your current level of ability, this course will guide you safely through this dynamic and fascinating subject. It will enable and equip you to know your computer inside-out - to master your PC.

About PC Master (A+) Certification

The objective is for you to become A+ certified. A+ is a certification sponsored by CompTIA - the Computing Technology Industry Association. Virtually every computer company of consequence is a member; Microsoft, Novell, Sun, IBM, HP, Apple, Intel and so on.

The A+ certification was created in 1993 and is now considered to be the de-facto requirement for entrance into the PC industry as a support technician.

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