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I am very pleased with my achievements up to this point. I am now in the process of applying for work using my newly acquired skills and certification. I have also embarked on my N+ course.
- Andrew

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Business owners across all industries want to hire professionals who can keep their networks secure. A CompTIA Security+ credential on your CV proves to employers your ability to keep their information safe from network security breaches.

The CompTIA Security+ qualification validates an individuals networking security credentials to professional standards and forms a platform for those who may wish to further develop their careers by pursuing even higher levels of technical expertise, such as Ciscos and Microsofts top level certification programmes. Many will want to use the Security+ as the basis for a career in IT Project Management using S+ as the foundation for the much desired Project+ qualification.

Project management skills are valued in every business. Professionals who know how to successfully manage their work consistently, no matter what industry they work in, will have the knowledge and skills to execute all phases of the project life cycle. Earn respect, advance your career and show employers your commitment to best practices in project management with the CompTIA Project+ credential.

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