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I just want to say thank you to my student liason officer and my tutors for their support in making it possible for me to progress in my course at SkillsTrain college. - Sefiu

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This course is designed to serve the needs of those individuals interested in advancing their careers by becoming an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) and who wish to obtain skills to successfully manage and troubleshoot system environments running on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Successful completion of this course, and obtaining the highly regarded MCSA certification, will provide commercial recognition of your knowledge and proficiency across Microsoft's products and technologies - the most widely used in the I.T. world. MCSA provides tangible evidence of a person's competency as an I.T. professional. Already perceived to be the qualification of choice for Systems Administrators within the I.T. world, MCSA can also be a stepping stone to an MCSE qualification. It will be of particular appeal to those who aspire to be at the top of their profession as:

  • Systems administrators
  • Network operations analysts
  • Information systems administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Network technicians
  • Technical support specialists

Microsoft MCSA Certification

This course will guide you safely through this dynamic and fascinating subject. It will enable and equip you for the real world demands of managing and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows operating system environments. This course will prepare you for MCSA certification, a qualification of renown, respected by I.T. professionals across the UK and indeed, the world over. Holders of an MCSA demonstrate to potential employers or business clients that they have passed rigorous training and examination requirements which set them apart from non-certified competitors.

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