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I must say that by joining the 'Skills Train' I have taken a big step forward for a bright future.
- Sajid

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SkillsTrain are Europe's largest computer training organization with facilities in 11 countries. We have trained over 5 million people and have accumulated over 50 years experience in skills training.

Why do thousands of career minded people from all walks of life turn to us for their training? It is because we work hand in hand with the country's leading employers to ensure that you receive the training they want as well as a professional qualification to prove your ability.

"Run of the mill" certification is no longer good enough if you want to be at the forefront of the job market. Our students come to us because they recognise they need the advantage that only comes from having appropriate and commercially desired qualifications that set them apart from other, more 'average' candidates.

Employers demand nationally recognised qualifications supported by software specific certification programmes awarded by the most prestigious names in the industry, such as: Cisco™, Microsoft, Sage, CompTia, CIW and the International Association of Bookkeepers.

It is only these levels of competence that will separate you from crowd and get you the job and financial rewards that you deserve.

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