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Older people urged to train in business

Older people urged to train in business

Older people who have been made redundant could choose to take up IT training courses to prepare them for managing their own business.

As the recession continues to fuel rises in unemployment, many people over 50 could struggle to find new employment in an increasingly competitive market.

However, PRIME, a national organisation dedicated to helping people aged over 50 to set up in business, has suggested many older people could take the opportunity of being made redundant to start their own business.

Laurie South, chief executive of PRIME, said starting up a business would be "a much better solution" than trying to get back into the labour market for many over-50s.

Doing so may seem like a daunting prospect, but taking appropriate training courses to ensure the skills are in place could help provide a platform for launching a successful business.

The government has invested millions of pounds to provide free training courses to help long-term unemployed people improve their skills and boost their CVs so that they are more likely to return to work.