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Consumers reluctant to cut back on communications tech

Consumers  reluctant to cut back on communications tech

Britons would prefer to cut back on holidays than on their mobile or broadband use because they value communication, says an industry watchdog.

According to research published last week by Ofcom, around half of UK householders would choose to reduce spending at restaurants, on DIY or on trips abroad than give up communications services.

Just under one in five would cut back on mobile phone spend, 16 per cent on television subscriptions and ten per cent on their broadband service, those looking for an IT training course may be interested to hear.

Meleri Thomas, the body's communications manager, said this is because "consumers are placing a great deal of importance on being able to communicate".

Consumers are now watching more television, browsing the internet through their mobiles and using the internet for longer, she added.

Ms Thomas said that customers are now also more likely to seek out television, mobile and broadband packages to save money, which could contribute towards their reluctance to sacrifice these services.

Written by Eve Critchley