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Bad typing slowing down students

Bad typing  slowing down students

New research has suggested that many young people in the UK could benefit from an online computer course to enhance their skills.

A survey carried out by has suggested that UK students waste a combined 39 million hours every year because of a lack of typing skills.

The findings could prompt more people to consider taking up an IT distance learning course as one way to help improve their typing skills and ensure that they are not wasting time because of slow typing.

"Most of us are still typing like electro-chickens, hunting and pecking with our index fingers to find the right keys," suggested Sue Westwood of

"Many professionals now recognise the importance of typing. Sadly, though, the UK lags behind the likes of the USA where it is a standard part of the school curriculum," she added.

A report carried out earlier this year on behalf of the government into primary education in the UK has highlighted the importance of improving IT skills from a young age.

The study called on the government to change the curriculum so that there is as much focus on IT skills in primary schools as on reading, writing and arithmetic.

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