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IT training courses the future of education

IT training courses  the future of education

Many more teachers could soon be looking to undertake an IT distance learning course to ensure they are up to speed on the latest technology being incorporated into the classroom.

A greater emphasis has already been placed on the use of IT in the UK's schools and now it has been suggested that the US government could be about to increase its focus on technology as a way to improve education standards.

President Obama's administration has announced a package of investment in the US education system and US News suggests at least some of the funding is likely to be put into developing new and more effective ways of using technology to teach young people.

If such a move materialises, it could have a major impact on the way education is taught both in the US and around the world, as more countries recognise the benefits of using IT to improve teaching.

However, that could mean more teachers will need improved training in technology, with an online computer course potentially providing the answers.

Earlier this year, a report into primary school education in the UK suggested IT should become as important in the curriculum as reading, writing and arithmetic.