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IT training courses the future of education »
Many more teachers could soon be looking to undertake an IT distance learning course to ensure they are up to speed on the latest technology being incorporated into the classroom.

Businesses urged to focus on training »
Businesses in Cumbria are being encouraged to increase the amount of training they provide to their staff in an effort to boost skills and help them beat the recession.

Top tips for getting an IT job »
Anyone with IT qualifications, such as having completed a PC engineer course, can improve their chance of securing a job by following a recruiter's recommendations, reports suggest.

UK economy may be through the worst »
Anyone who has recently completed IT home study and is now looking for work might be encouraged by reports suggesting the rate of private sector unemployment is slowing.

Museum of Computing to re-open »
Students enrolled on an IT training course might wish to learn more about the sector's history with a visit to the soon to be re-opened Museum of Computing in Swindon.

Workers outside London can earn more »
IT professionals can earn the highest hourly rates outside the capital although permanent staff still earn more within London, according to a new survey.

University to buy supercomputer »
Southampton University is to buy a supercomputer ranked in the world's fastest 100.

Robot technology could have dangerous consequences »
Computer scientists are discussing whether research into robots should be limited in order to safeguard against social disruption.

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