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Employment Prospects not looking brighter

Employment Prospects not looking brighterThis is the view of British workers following a survey which revealed that employers are not interested in developing their employees' skills by investing in training, according to recent research.

Hopes that Britain's economic prospects will pick up in 2010 are not shared by the majority of UK employees. A survey conducted for the industry shows that 74% of British adults do not see their employment prospects improving in the coming year. Indeed some (10%) believe that things will get worse before they get better.

In terms of their current employment, a quarter said they felt bored, unfilled or unappreciated. The recession can be seen to have had an effect on employers' commitments to training with 37% reporting that they have no interest in enhancing employees’ skills by internal or external training.

A lack of appropriate qualifications is seen as a key factor in preventing about 1/3rd of applicants from finding their dream job. A lack of confidence and experience were also seen as factors in holding back career progression.

There are signs of hope though – despite the lack of training support from employers, about 40% of British adults are likely to study on their own initiative for a new qualification in 2010. 37% of these cite career change as the motivating factor behind their desire to acquire new skills. A further 33% name securing a pay rise or gaining promotion as their driving force whilst the remainder plan to study purely for pleasure and personal satisfaction.

A recent (2009) study by the Chartered Management Institute showed that 46% of business managers have lost important staff members as a result of offering inadequate levels of training.

The report quotes as follows:

"If we are to gain a firm hold on the road to financial recovery in 2010 then business leaders need to start demonstrating a commitment to staff training and development. Only then will employees feel more positive about their career prospects and be more engaged at work.

Targeted, professionally accredited training doesn’t have to cost the earth, either financially or in administrative terms. In fact, distance learning represents an effective route for ensuring valued team members remain motivated and productive, while minimising their down time from existing work commitments."

Whatever your employer's view on training our advice is to ensure you are not left behind and ensure you have the appropriate skills and qualifications to empower your career.