Understanding the economic value of your personal data 26.5.2017 16:15

Your personal data is worthless – it's only when it's processed by the Facebooks or Googles of this world that it has business value

Security Think Tank: Employees are one of the greatest defences 26.5.2017 14:15

What strategies should organisations follow to block malware attachments which continue to account for two-thirds of malware infections that result in data breaches?

People can be strongest link in cyber security, says NCSC 26.5.2017 14:08

People are often seen as the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, but that must change, says the National Cyber Security Centre

Swedish government agencies join IT spending benchmarking service 26.5.2017 13:15

Government agencies in Sweden are using a tool by Apptio to help them gain a better understanding of IT costs

BDUK broadband roll-out hits 8,000 homes per million pounds spent 26.5.2017 12:45

The latest government statistics on the progress of the BDUK broadband roll-out has delivered fresh insight into the value for money being offered by the scheme

Estonian e-Residency programme partners Finnish tech startup 26.5.2017 10:42

Government’s partnership with fintech firm Holvi aims to provide online business banking services to entrepreneurs who take up eResidency

EternalRocks author throws in the towel after media attention 26.5.2017 08:52

Security researcher who discovered worm that could have bigger impact than WannaCry says the author seems to have given up

CBRE: Demand for colocation space in London holds firm in face of Brexit 25.5.2017 17:15

The latest CBRE quarterly report, charting the performance of the European colocation market, shows demand for capacity in London has so far been unaffected by the triggering of Article 50

IT firm gets Scality object storage to boost S3-based offerings 25.5.2017 15:45

Blue Chip deploys Scality Ring object storage on commodity hardware with S3 connectivity to enable new cloud, backup and archiving product offerings at “a few pence a gigabyte”